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Jeffrey Walter

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A neighbor of my mothers has an old Morphy-Richards TU1D (TUID?) pop-up toaster that she claimed stopped working. The mint green toaster is in excellent (almost like new) condition. The toaster is wired for 120VAC and comes with a standard 2 blade plug. The width of the blades on the plug are the same, so the plug can be flipped over interchanging the line voltage and the neutral conductor connections to the toaster. Fortunately, there wasn't anything wrong with the toaster. All I did to make it work was to unplug it, then I flipped the plug over and plugged the toaster back in to the same receptacle. The toaster only seems to work when the line voltage is applied to a specific blade on the plug. Can you explain why?



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She may have problems in the plug. When it only wot=rks one way, chances are good that the wiring on one side has broken under the insulation, right where the plug moulding jions the wires. A confirmation is that the plug gets hot with use, and moving the cord will cause the toastrt to stop heating.

It's probably a good idea to get a replacement plug for the toaster. If the toaster case is metal, three wire power cord with a connection to the case would be a very good idea.