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    Sep 11, 2009
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    Did you ever get a reply to this? I'm going to be adding this to my '96 Volvo 850. I would like to have an LED readout to indicate what "position" the circuit is activating. I would prefer an led readout like the newer Prius; 1st press Red (ACC on), 2nd press amber, 3rd press green.

    Also what voltage and amperage rating is the push button? I would like to use either a factory defrost switch or an illuminated power button from a desktop computer.

    Thanks in advance to everyone! I have been searching for this for about a year now!
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    Apr 2, 2009
    it seems he got it working, what is it that you want?
    Be specific, it always helps.
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    Did you see that Soeren's 2nd schematic had LEDs in it to show the state?

    The push button switch itself is very low current; under 2mA. However, it must have a common with NO and NC contacts. Someone tried a switch that just had NO contacts; it didn't work very well.
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    Thank you... That's precisely what I wanted to know. I did see the places on the PCB for the LEDs shortly after I made the first post. I was too busy after that to let you guys know.

    It's really nice to be able to use a low current switch :) I'm an automotive technician so I'm used to dealing with high current rated switches for the starting circuit.

    I do have a few more questions but they will have to wait till tomorrow. Thanks again!
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    Sep 11, 2009
    Sorry it took so long to get back to this thread.

    The questions I was going to ask are; Can someone tell me where I can get all of the parts to build this circuit, can someone here construct this project here for me and for how much, if not, can those whom have successfully completed this project give me a source list of where the purchased the parts to build and prices?

    Thank you in advance