Old Tektronix vs new Owon

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I'm new to electronics and I need an oscilloscope, however I can't pay more than about 300$.

I've seen good comments about this one on the internet:

I also found an old but working analog Tektronix oscilloscope 2215A on Ebay.

Both are about 300$.

I think that the Tektronix is probably of much better quality, but the Owon looks like it has a lot of features. Yet I don't trust cheap chinese stuff lol.

Which one do you think would be better for light usage(i'm studying electrical engineering)?


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You are comparing an apple and an orange.

The Tektronix 2215A is a analog CRT scope.
The PDS5022S is a digital scope. At that price I would choose the digital scope, hands down.


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I have the OWON:
Ask for free shipping.

The drivers for my purchase:
Automatic measuring, making the learning curve easier.
Autmatic scaling and capture.
Got a warranty and not a sold "as is".

Works like it should and meets MY needs which. Did have a problem and had to return but the warranty process was quick and easy through the dealer. All got worked out.

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I also have the Owan and don't have a lot of complaints. I purchased it from the same place and was impressed with their shipping speed. The only thing I would advise is if you can stretch your budget to $329 get the 60mhz version. The display used in the 60 is supposedly a nicer TFT with a lot wider viewing angle. On my unit the display contrast washes out a bit as it warms up. There is a wheel on the panel to correct it so it's not a huge deal.


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I'm "old school" and love Tektronix equipment. The 2215 is a great analog scope. Replace all the enectrolytic caps, clean the pots & switches, and it'll be good for another 20-30 years. It's hard to go wrong with a Tek scope.


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I suspected Wookie would say something like this. We have a number of Tektronix 2213, 2215 and 2225 scopes and they are not bad but they don't build them like they used to. I have two Tektronix 422 scopes on my workbench still going strong.

The advantage with the DSO is they can handle one-shot events. You will have a hard time viewing low repetition rate signals with an analog scope.

Before DSO came out I would never let anyone else take away my analog HP 1703 storage scope. There were many tough jobs I had to fix and the storage scope saved my skin. Now the DSO makes the storage scope obsolete.