Old motor - single or three phase?


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I once used BNC connectors as audio connectors. Used coax as the cable. Low power stuff. Sometimes we use what we have. And I had a BUNCH of BNC's.


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I know a fool who refused to bid on a machine that he needed because the plug had 4 pins, and he assumed that it was a 3-phase machine, BUT the nameplate clearly stated 230 volts single phase. the hookup was two lines plus neutral plus green-wire ground. Those who don't read certainly lose out a lot. Good thing that the motor nameplate was so very explicit and easy to read..


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Wonder why a 230v 1ph motor had 2 live and a neutral?
It was an ice cream MACHINE, not just a motor. It had several motors and a lot of controls and a display AND there was a sealed unit compressor. So it had to have a neutral, since it did not include a transformer to supply all of those 120 volt items. It also had lights to make it look busy.


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However sometimes are in use the rather exotic motors of multiple pole shifting. By the outside it LOOKS like the ordinary 3-phase (just 6 wires innocently bunching out) but by fact, one measuring with a tester see all wires are internally connected. That is sure signal, one must look on the label (if still readable) and seeing the triangle-triangle-slash-ygrek ot ygrek-ygrek-slash-triangle its sure - You have in hands varipole motor used in most of old soviet stationary drill-machines, turner benches, mill-machines etc. Most widespread was 1500/3000 rpm, however existed even models with 4 different speeds. If interested how to connect within, here is the best material about that, sorry non-English, but diagrams are at all languages identical, and exists such tool as translate.google. http://elenergi.ru/regulirovanie-sk...-pereklyucheniya-chisla-par-polyusov.html/amp