Old laptop digital picture frame motion sensor

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    Apr 10, 2009
    I recently finished turning an old Toshiba Satellite A40 into a 15" digital picture frame. I basically just mounted the PC in a shadowbox with the screen facing outward and attached a frame to the front.

    Now I want to attach a motion sensor to the trigger the power button and set the computer to sleep after so long. I've got a PIR motion sensor that runs of of 3.3V or 5V and outputs 3.3V. I can hook that up to a relay that will simulate the power switch being pressed when motion is sensed. The output on the sensor goes hi then lo when motion is sensed, so it won't hold the power button causing the PC to shut down. I've set the PC up to do nothing when the power button is pressed while the system is on.

    *Here we get to my real question with this. The power supply for this laptop has 4 connections in the plug. 2 for ground and 2 for 15V. I'm wondering if there would be any problem connecting a 5V regulator to one of the 15V connections and powering my motion sensor circuit off of that? Thanks for any input.