old HP motherboard project question...

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    Sep 20, 2009
    So ive been following the trend of people using arduinos and such, and the concept seems pretty interesting and was thinking on a purchase, but as i was surfing ebay, i came across this:


    and i was curious, how complex would it be if i wanted to use this as a project for use as some sort of microcontroller or other function? If i cannot use it as a microcontroller, what could i use it for?

    I am also aware that it is missing a processor, but the seller happens to be selling one on another page, so i might buy that too if this were to prove useful. i feel this would have alot of potential for intense projects with the speed of the clock that is used, and anything else this would contain that could be useful.

    a little background on me(that way you know how much over my head this would be.) im going for a BS in electrical engineering, im familiar with programming so i could pick up on a new language if need be, good with circuit design, and a little new on the use of transistiors. also familiar with using a microcontroller, an Altera board to be exact.

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