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    Last month I asked about an IC that I once used in a really cool (at the time) automotive application. All IC's were CD40XXXB series. I was asked about transients, etc. Well, all inputs were protected by resistors and the particular IC series of input protection. Vdd was protected by a zener and a Pi filter, plus .01uF caps on each IC Vdd for higher frequencies. I just checked the specs on the zener...1.5KW pulse capability. We ran it through load dump, field decay and every other test available and it survived. I used these circuits to transmit rear lighting information from the cab of a truck to the lights at the rear using one copper wire and a fiber optic cable. OK, it never went to production, but I'm planning to use it with OOK/ASK RF here at the farm for a retirement project...no wires to string, trip over.
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    In the previous thread, you mentioned IHSTL, like we should all know what it is/was.
    What is/was it?
    BTW, I am a member of BBSRC.:D