Old Amprobe AM-3E VOM

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    Jun 15, 2011
    While trying to repair some old AM-3E meters in my class. I noticed that on the meter scale card in the lower right corner was the label Taught Band
    My Aide the true electronics geek got indignant and started crying fraud.
    He went on to explain that a Taught band meter was more expensive and more accurate at higher voltages than a D'Arsonval meter and that this meter was clearly a D'Arsonval meter. He surmises that Amprobe put this on the meter to trick people into paying more and that anyone that knew about meters could spot the difference. He had to refresh my memory on the finer details of meter movement. I have been using Fluke DMMs for years now. Has any one noticed this before? Did Amprobe do this on purpose to decieve the less technical among us? Or did some just put the wrong notation on the card? These meters were probably new in 1996 or earlier.