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I have a project to create a wien osc that has a 72v pkpk output on a 5.6 ohm load.I've managed to obtain the voltage peak to peak but it is not simetrical (+36 to -36).I need to add to this signal about 14 v.I've tried just changeing the dc voltage on the output but it messes up the circuit.I've also tried using a repetor made of an op amp and then adding the 14 v but with no succes.I've also tried a simple buffer....but nothing.I need an idea how to add the 14 v bun not to disturb the circuit...Hope you guys can help in time.I have to turn it in wensday evening:D
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The input probably passes through a capacitor to remove any DC from the input. If your amp has an asymetrical swing, it is probably due to an internal problem. Do you have a schematic to aid in troubleshooting?

If you have a meter, you can try to identify mirrored components from the supply rails, and look for voltages that don't match. An oscilloscope would be very helpful.