Off Beat Electric machine

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My wife has a facial salon and most of the equipment is offbeat stuff that you seldom find anywhere. It is all electrical and this one particular machine has two poles on it on each side for delivering electrical charge. It also has a selector in the center that controls Hi, Lo, Med. for current.

The machine has a key switch and it is powered by a Plug in class 2 transformer by Jameco. it is Input 120VAC, 60Hz, 14W. Output is 15VDC 600mA.

I have ordered a new power supply from Jameco but have no clue that this is the problem. I tried to use a test light on the power connection inside the machine but I couldn't get anything. I also test lighted the switch with nothing as well. That's what led me to the Power Supply, Transformer. When I shake the transformer it rattles if that means anything. Anybody have any clues how to test this thing?