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    May 4, 2014
    I have an odd questions about the level of knowledge/skill a person would need to solve a particular problem. I have the problem, and a possible solution. I'm wondering what level of knowledge is sufficient to solve the problem. In particular, it would be extremely helpful to identify a particular course or textbook in which the solution to this problem would be addressed (e.g., in a homework problem). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The problem is as follows. You are working on a wireless communications system, System A. Your system is allowed to transmit on spectrum "A". Another system, System B, has been allocated spectrum "B". However, you may transmit on both A and B as long as you do not interfere with System B. Accordingly, you need to design a circuit that will allow you to transmit on A and B when you are not proximate to System B, and only transmit on spectrum A when you are proximate to System B.

    The solution I have been given is to use a band-pass filter that allows A and B, and a band-pass filter that allows only A. Each of these will be connected to a switch and the switch will be connected to an amplifier and a transmitter. (figure attached)

    What level of knowledge would you need to solve this problem? (e.g., 2 years of a B.S. degree in EE, B.S. degree in EE, etc.) Is there a particular course in which this would appear as a homework/test problem? Is there a particular textbook you can identify? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I read your problem and got lost but I'll offer this for what it is worth. Is it possible to use the AM broadcast band for AM reception and also use it for FM reception without interference?