obtuse at times

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I am not putting my neck out to get it cut off,since benethere put
a blog that said he don't much patiences for some questions.I think
you should understand that when someone asked you a question or
as a moderator you have ability to kill a question you don't like or give
a english lesson. Then others pile on,when some member asks question
not expecting to humililated. Thingmaker had to read the tree and bird thing sevaral times,there a lot of bird and tree people out here that liked that diagram.Had to read it a couple times, not thinging about english.The thrill of catching on.There a lot of members that been there and done that, read your post. We are reminded not to say anything to a about a member,but you told us in a post that short of enjoying it,you can talk to members the way you want.Members please read about the tree and the little bird by thingmaker a honest man. I can print this,I have been cut off at the knee,s.


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Loosewire, the issue of suitable communication skills, particularly written, is one of utmost importance to all internet communities; after all it is the common fabric that binds the community together. Good communication is, in fact, a mutual aspect; for the person asking the question, it provides them the best opportunity to present their issue and thus gain the answer they want; and for the person reading the question it makes for easier reading and understanding. RiJoRI posted a great link to an article on "How to Ask Questions", which emphasises some of these points.

There is also a further common fabric, and that is that of being polite and respectful to each other. If there are specific instances where this is not happening, then please let me know via PM or e-mail and I will address it. Often it is a miscommunication issue where what has been written is misinterpreted when read, and all it needs in some level of mediation to put perspective on it.

A final point is, the moderators and admin are subject to the same forum rules that every member is irrespective of the fact that they have extra powers to enforce the basic house-rules; it makes managing the forums easier, and it is only fair to everyone within this community.