observing polarity while installing capacitors

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Basic question. when installing electrolytic caps. {example..470 uf..} you are
supposed to observe polarity. Does this mean ALWAYS put the neg.side directly to the ground bar or does it mean just make sure the neg. side is on the out put side?
When you put an LED in a simple circuit you put the flat side DOWN and connect it to
ground like a T. Is this the way with E caps or can they go inline as long as the neg side is to the out put side. Picture it on a breadboard. Thanks. A picture link would be good also.


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View your application.

In the attached circuit, C1 is connected to -Vo ... so the positive end would be connected to ground. C2 is connected to +Vo ... so the negative end would be connected to ground.

You won't make that mistake too many times.