NVidia ESA - Editing the HEX

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I'm new to programming on microcontrollers (and reading up on relative materials). What I have is a specific logic board I'd like to disassemble the hex from and possibly change some of the tables. I've already extracted the binary from it (and successfully transferred it to another same logic board, to reupload it). That's the easy part, as the USB drivers allowed me to do that.

Since I am new at this, I don't know where to go from here.

What I am mostly posting about here is how do I go about editing this hex? When I attempt to open the hex in a standard x86 disassembler, I get errors. I'm guessing because the binary is for a different microprocessor than the x68 instructions.

The hardware is what is defined as a Dell MIO or Master Control Board for controlling a number of devices, as well as reading multiple sensors. What I am after is the hex tables/scalar values related to the sensor readings and when they trigger outputs/things to happen.

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You should use an assembler (if the program is in assembly) or compiler (if the program is in a high level language like C or BASIC), designed for that micro-controller. For example, with a Microchip PIC, you would use MPLAB or HI-TECH C from microchip.com

Then assuming you have the program in a source code file, such as a .asm or .c file, then you can edit it in just about any text editor. Notepad, vi, emacs, etc...

Hope this helps :)