numerical methods


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The whole digtal world is constrected on two numbers either 1 or 0
it's called the ( Binary numbers system ) and it's the Digital signal of Electronics


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Math is used as a tool to teach. Math accurately shows relationships between parameters. Without the use of math, the understanding of certain electrical and electronic concepts would be very shallow.

If you become an electrical engineer, your work may require numerical analysis to prove that your design will work within the tolerances specified by the customer.

You also need to use math to figure out the value of components when designing a circuit.

In software engineering, if you sell weighing scales that have small microcontrollers and a small software package inside, the customer might want you to take a new weight measurement every fraction of a second and report the maximum and minimum weight readings taken. Or for batch operations, the customer might want you to determine how many items are on the scale based on the total weight and the weight of each item.

Numerical analysis is a big part of engineering. Whether you ever use the analysis is highly dependent on your career.