NuBie- Solar Charge Controller assistance/advice

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    Aug 19, 2008
    I must start off by saying I am not in your league BUT I can listen and follow directions. I have built a few very simple circuits that worked, and few that did not, BUT I keep on trying. I am trying to learn electronics as I go.

    I have read several articles/threads on this site about charge controllers and I know that they are readily available in a broad price range, BUT I want to start off by using something like the Ghurd shunt type controller and then as I learn electronics and solar power I can make a decision as to where to go from there. *This curcuit was made for wind power genrators but he will modify for PV and give advice. HE has very positive reviews on more then one Alternative Power sites.

    HE has suggested that I can use a diode and power Mofset (he likes the IRFZ44N) coming in and the circuit will short the panels once v's (adjustible off/on volt settings) are reached, where as it goes to a dump load circuit for wind powered systems.

    Ghurd controllers are really cheap around $15 delivered you solder. I will attempt to post a diagram but will also provide the link.
    components are as follows; 1n4007, 3.3k, 5.1v diode, 100k, 51k, 130ohms, 8.1/8.2k, ZM33064 (now outdated?), N- 2n7000, P- bss92, 2 LED's...

    He has his info and circuit posted at

    I would love to see what advice I can get here that can be used to replace the ZM33064 and what mod's or add-ons could I do to improve this little circuit "Semper FI." I have one on the way to play with.

    Thanks in advance!:D