NPN transistor problem

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Please don't laugh, but a transistor in circuit is measured at its legs using AC scale and not DC. Many thanks-- this is important. (The schematic says like 7.4 volts)

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Do you measure an NPN transistor, in circuit, using AC or DC volts...schematic says on one leg (7.4 V) Many thanks....

The schematic is located at
and is Q7 & Q8. Would Q9 be AC or DC?
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Now about that schematic...if I could see it I might know what you are talking about. Can you post the schematic here by using the "Go Advanced" button? The best format is .png

You can make a drawing with the Paint program in Windows computers. You can make a pencil drawing and scan it, then upload it. There are several ways to get a drawing to appear with your question.

Next item, what is your question?


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It's usually measured as DC but it depends on what the transistor is doing.

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The RCA radio is more than 50 years old and should be buried.
The voltages shown on the schematic are DC voltages when the radio is not playing. The voltages of Q9 are shown to be B= +7.4V, E= +6.8V and C= +72V.


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