Novice question...serial seat power?

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Hi everyone--first post for me, so here goes.

I recently came into possession of a pair of ex-Northwest Airlines business class seats from a DC-10. One in the pair has a video monitor that comes out of the armrest. The monitor is labeled "Northwest Worldlink", a defunct system aboard early 90s long-haul NW airplanes. There is also a remote control on the side which has several buttons like flight attendant call, light, and video selecting/game controls -- but I believe that feature was long turned off/disabled.

Coming out from below the seats are three cables: an electrical (black)-wrapped 9 pin male serial cable, a soft sided silver wrapped wire containing nine very small thin cables, and a red/white cable which I believe is for the headphone jack.

Any thoughts on which is the power and which is the remote? How was it powered? And, if possible, can I get it running again or send a signal to the monitor?

Thanks! See attached photo of the serial cable and wrapped wire.