Novel Marx generator

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I’ve seen Marx generators made with low voltage transistors in avalanche. But I can’t find anything higher than a few hundred volts. Is anyone aware of high voltage switching devices that could be used in the same avalanche mode, to generate high voltages at fast recovery rates? I’ve seen IGBTs and MOSFETs switch at higher voltages, but I haven’t seen them being used in the configuration. Is this not a reasonable switching alternative? Are there drawbacks I’m over looking like cost and efficiency?
From reading other posts I know everyone like to know the application. I’m looking for a novel high voltage generator, this seemed reasonable when I saw the transistor Marx generator. Simple, compact, without a spark gap; the voltage I’m looking to start with is about 15K, no more than about 6 stages. Output frequency between 3-9 KHz
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This seems to be a very dangerous contraption. Very high voltage and high frequency.

This is not in the spirit of AAC and the forum guidelines are actually against it.

So, in all probability, if the other mods agree, this thread will be closed.

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I'm sorry I thought this was an open forum. If you don't have anything constructive to add, then maybe I am in the wrong place.



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I hope I'm not breaking any rules by answering this, and if I am I ask the mods to please delete this post.

However, most of the Marx generators I've heard of use a spark gap, high voltage capacitors, and high-value resistors. The capacitors charge in parallel, but when the voltage across each one becomes sufficient enough to break down the air in the spark gaps they fire, discharging all capacitors in series. A simple diagram is shown here:

You can get information from this site.

Pleas, be VERY careful with these things! They can be extremely dangerous, and you absolutely should not play around with high voltage unless you KNOW what you're doing. The capacitors in these generators can store enough energy to kill you instantly, so please take every necessary precaution to keep yourself and others safe.

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