Not sure what type of CONNECTOR this is??

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    Oct 20, 2005
    Hi guys,

    I am working on a project involving a microcontroller from TI for CAN communication. I have a development board from TI, however the board doesn't have a CAN tranceiver. I need to build some external hardware with a CAN tranceiver and connect it to the development board. However, I am not sure what the exact connector type is called on the development board so I can purchase the right type of connector/hardware to use to connect to the board. Attached are two pics of the board (both top and bottom view,) with the exact connector circled in red in both pictures.

    Does anyone know what type of connector this is, where I can purchase it (eg., Digikey?), and how best to connect it using a solder board to an external CAN tranceiver?

    I would appreciate any help! Thank you!