Not gate using transistor

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Dear members ,
Please see the enclosed attachment.
This is NOT GATE implemented through NPN transistor.
I framed the equation for the collector emitter side as follows
Vs = IcRc + Vce

where Vs is source voltage, Ic is collector current and Vce as the voltage drop across collector emitter.
I dont understand the following concept
When the input is 0, the transistor is in off state, so there wont be collector current so Vs = Vce. , the out put will be 1. Similarly when the input is 1 the transistor is saturation state so the output will be 0
Please throw some light on these concepts and let me understand how NOT gate is implemented using NPN transistors


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When the input is 0 the transistor is in cutoff (like an open circuit). No current flows through Rc, so no voltage drop occurs across Rc and your equation reduces to Vs = Vce (since Ic = 0).

When the input is 1 the transistor is in saturation (like a short circuit). Vc is at nearly the same potential as ground (≈ 0).
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