NOS resistors and capacitors

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by takao21203, Mar 13, 2015.

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  1. takao21203

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    Apr 28, 2012
    Currently I'm collecting various power resistors and capacitors in a large box, havent yet taken photos.

    I've listed more NOS magnetic parts on my ebay

    And I'm thinking to import more chinese NOS parts.
    Some of them are from the early 1980s.
    With shipping and VAT charges, price increases by a large amount.

    Power resistors I can get at lower cost.
    Not yet sure how to sell them, possibly as 200 grams lots.

    I'm different with selling than a large distributor or a large commercial ebay seller:
    Its always possible to provide assistance even for just a few $ items.

    I had 2 distinct cases recently:

    Infrared relay module didnt work, I was asked possibly to send another.
    I found no diode was used on the external relay.

    MAXII CPLD board "didnt work", suspected to be a dud.
    Had another of these, checked it out, result: Clocking was on a different line.

    So its not the same when buying from China directly.

    I havent yet decided on which kinds of items to specialize or if at all,
    for sure NOS parts and certain vintage part are underrepresented,
    or far too expensive.

    Audio transformers are still made but probably only by a handful of smaller factories,
    large distributors dont have them listed anymore.

    Flea market bargains- sure, some listings are single item lots only, and hard to impossible to get the same parts again + some of them are more than 30 years old. You can actually make offers too and I accept most of them.

    The small black parts in the bag are actually 100nF ceramic capacitors, measured a few, range from 80 to 150nF, so, not very good, selling all of them as lot.

    The power resistors with a few old electrolytic capacitors (from different vendors) almost fill a 15 litres box now. Its possible to sell just certain values but I wont sort + list them by value (power resistors arent a big market I think).

    I plan more component kits too, although the Joule Thief kit is good value and the parts could be used for many kinds of circuits.

    I had a listing with values for all the parts but too much effort since I need to change parts often, now I just describe as approx 80 to 90 components. And if available I throw in a few extra parts, like switches or neon lamps, some capacitors, LEDs which accumulated on the bottom of large boxes, and so on.

    I sold about 60 of these, not much margin actually, but I improve it all the time, with more and better parts. LEDs are always superbright, Straw hat and 3mm clear kinds.

    I removed most of my candy listings recently, since these items are large, and take up too much space. I reclaimed one large box so far.
  2. takao21203

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    Apr 28, 2012
    sold so far:

    Lot 39 Ohms resistors
    Lot filter coils
    Lot red mylar capacitors
    Lot Styroflex capacitors

    (all these are single piece/unique only).

    I got 1.5kg more parts, but: Some are scrap or have small value. I had to pay shipping + tax, effectively, more than doubling the price.

    Now I have collected in one large box all old electrolytic, some SMD electrolytic, unsorted ceramic caps, various small resistors and mylar capacitors, as well large power resistors.

    Its a 15 Liter box and nearly full.

    I can take photos, search for values/range of values + sell by weight (smalles lot is about 80 grams or so, then 200, 450).

    I havent yet put these parts as ebay items.
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