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Hey guys, the project im working on is for my truck. Im a car guy and Im pretty good with basic wiring but I think I bit off more then i can chew with this.

Basically im trying to make a circuit board to mount under a stock trim piece. The board will consist of 5 tact switches to operate different accessories in the truck(electric fans, water pumps, etc..) and bi color red/green leds to light up green when the headlights are on and red when the accessory is on.

I got a few parts from Radio shack to start with but not sure if i can use them or how too wire them if i can.

This is what i have:
Printed circuit board:

2.8VDC-30mA-2.5mcd Bicolor LED:

12VDC 50mA SPST 6.2x6.2 mm SMT Tact Switch, 9.5mm High

2 position board terminal:

and 560 ohm resistors.

Can someone help me out, maybe draw up a quick scehamtic or tell me what im missing or need to get. I know its a lot for a first post but i want to try something new. just need some expert guidance. thanks


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