Noob-question about IC and microswitches

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    Dec 8, 2011
    Hi fellas!

    Im working on a pretty basic trigger-assembly for my airsoft-rifle.
    I have a basic basic transistor running the motor.

    the triggerassembly right now is mechanical


    when the motor runs it turns a set of gears that then pulls a piston.


    What isn't displayed on this animation is how the trigger is manipulated by a cutoff-lever controled by the top right gear.

    Goto this video and you see exactly how it works!

    Now! to the point, i want to get replace that with just 2 microswitches and some kind of IC to control the mosfet.

    one microswitch is pushed and held down (trigger) to run the motor.
    Another microswitch gets activated by the cutoff-lever when the gears have completed a whole cycle, at that point the motor should be killed off even if im still holding the trigger, and the whole cirquit should not restart untill i release the trigger and pushes it again.

    i might be a bit fuzzy but im trying lol

    the cirquit would not haveto handle a whole lot of power since it's only to control the mosfet.

    Any thoughts? im completely new to logical cirquits so go easy on me lol