non linear behaviour

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    there is an error in the next text:

    The reason is that the circuits used are not linear and it makes the signal being badly amplified this circuit is generally used to descrive how a transistor can act as an switch but not for aplification!
    problem description;
    we have a transistor in series with a resistor with a voltage source and what we would like to spect is that when the transistors internal resistance increases the voltage on it will increase in a linear rate. but it doesnt. the reason is because we are considering constant current but current is droping as soon as you vary the net resistance of the circuit wich oviously depends on the transistors resistance!
    one solution is making the current constant which can be made using a constant current suply instead a voltage suply.
    sorry if i made spelling mistakes, im from Spain and im learning english actually.
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    It would be better to quote the text you are having problems with, instead of inditing the whole chapter.