Nokia 3310 LCD addressing problem

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Ok after working a lot on Nokia 3310 LCD,I managed to solve some of my problems but some are still their...
Every thing is working fine except these

1) The vertical addressing is not working.
2) Assuming that LCD module is using PCD8544 as the controller and as per it's protocol after writing data, the address counter increments itself. But its doing nothing like that I have to explicitly use command to increment the address.

Whenever I tried to write any byte on the first row
(Y = 0) of DDRAM, I would get only 5 pixels .But the problem was solved using offset. I just want to know does anybody have any Nokia 3310 LCD where they don't have this kind of problem.

I think every Nokia 3310 LCD is same and they all have these offset stuff

Any idea why it’s happening.