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this is a continuation of the post 'operating an lcd screen'.i found the pin diagram of nokia 2100 display which i'm using now.with the screen(as told in the other thread)i want to make the whole screen dark or normal(without black pixel).for this i made up an idea:

Nokia 2100 LCD Pinouts:
1. VCC - Power Supply=5V
2. SCK - Serial Clock=pulse(freq.>1kHZ)
3. SDI - Serial Data In=5V
4. DC - Data/Command=5v
5. CE - Chip Enable=5v
6. GND - Ground=0v
7. Vout - Contrast=0v
8. RES - Reset=0v

with this configuration will the LCD be completely dark(all pixels)?please see the pdf for the pin output.the logic i thought of is,if all rows and colums are selected by 5v to SDI and DC.


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The LCD will likely enter an unknown state, or it will interpret your serial emulation as commands. It could also possibly show the last state, or enter an unknown state.

Normally, an LCD is translucent. You will need to remove the backlight, if any, and send it commands from a microcontroller.