Noise cancelling headphones

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Dearest Experts....
My dear wife's getting on in age and suffers from annoying, ringing noises, when she wants to go to sleep.
I guess... the noise is a sinus wave and to combat it I imagine... a frequency and volume adjustible audio-sinewave oscillator could counter/cancel out this noise.
I suppose... works like an MP-Uzzi I used to practice with at the 'Bundeswehr' or like two same weight hammers bashed together... at the same speed.
Now it's over to you experts... neither relying on guesses, nor imagination or suppositions... because you have have got certainty on this matter and circuit for me. Thx in advance, it might safe us doctor's bills. Anxiously awaiting your reply!!! Kind Regards from ol' jjj in Chile


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I think that a more common solution is not to cancel the frequency with one that matches, rather a "white" noise source is used to mask the unpleasant sameness of the ringing.

Have you explored this approach?



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This Article on Tinnitus mentions the treatment using white-noise. This technique is know as "masking".

To try to use a single frequency tone to cancel the tone perceived by the sufferer will probably be challenging since I doubt the tinnitus tone remains a constant frequency and phase over even very brief spans of time.

White noise is composed of many different frequencies and phases. It can have a soothing effect on the mind.



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I think that anti-phase signal won´t work on tinnitus, because there is no oscillation in the ear, so there is no frequency nor phase.

The tinnitus is probably a "misunderstod" signal from the sound detecting cells in the inner ear, so applying any signal won´t zero it, you can just mask it with some kind of noise.