Nodal Analysis Clarification

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    Sep 21, 2008
    hye thre...
    i wanna ask either node voltage method
    and node analysis is d same o not?
    im so confused..
    bcoz in our lecture we're using node analysis..
    when i refer to d formula it's a two different thing...
    p/s help me!
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    Greetings freeyo,

    I have move your post from the old thread where you placed it into its on thread.

    Placing your question at the end of an existing thread is frowned on. Always start your own thread to give your question a chance to attract the attention it deserves.

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    Jan 28, 2005
    You may be able to obtain a greater insight into the concept of nodal analysis by reading the material in the AAC ebook on the topic at the link below.

    Nodal Analysis

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    Do you require an English, Maths or Physics lesson?

    If you wrote things out properly you would be able to answer your own question.

    The Node Voltage Method refers to, funnily enough, the calculated voltages at each node, compared with a reference node declared to be zero.

    It is a voltage method.

    Nodal analysis, on the other hand, usually refers to Kirchoff's current law that the sum of currents entering a node equals the suum of currents leaving that node.

    It is a current method.