No VPP on PIC18F47J53. What the.....?

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    Oct 29, 2009
    I am looking at the datasheet for the PIC18F47J53 and I do not see a VPP pin.

    It does have an MCLR pin which usually is always VPP.

    The datasheet does say:

    PIC18F47J53 family microcontrollers can be serially
    programmed while in the end application circuit. This is
    simply done with two lines for clock and data, and three
    other lines for power, ground and the programming

    Is it safe to assume that VPP is on the same pin as MCLR?
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    Feb 19, 2009

    To Verify, look at the PIC18 range reference manual (Forgot number/name), it is like the "mid-range devices reference manual", but for the PIC18 series.

    Also the ICSP info PDF refers to "Pin 1 connects to MCLR", rather than "MCLR/Vpp"

    Also this from Microchip, Doesn't matter for the 3.3V devices:

    PICKit 2 and 3 "know" this, and use the low voltage programming method.

    From: 2 Readme v2-61-00 (a).txt
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