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    Mar 27, 2009
    Hi everybody,

    I have a nitrogen laser device and I need to repair it. I think maybe the problem is in the laser tube or in the thyratron. Somebody could tell me how I test both devices are working fine?

    The thyratron has military restrictions, but maybe is possible test it in the same way like other thyratron. Now, talking about laser tube, this device doesnt have any information printed. I tell you, the laser factory say, they can't help me with any technical information or replace element

    Ill be thankful with any suggestion.

    Best regards,

    Reynaldo Navarro Pico
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    Apr 20, 2004
    Even with restrictions (?), it should be possible to check the thyratron (I'm only familiar with 2D21's). If you can sub a resistor in place of the laser, just apply a trigger to the tube and see if the plate pulls down very close to the cathode, indicating conduction. The actual operating conditions might be a mite hard to reproduce, but if it will conduct at all, it should be working. Careful with the HV supply, and all that.

    If the thyratron fires, I can't guess as to how to confirm the laser proper is broken.

    If it helps, Scientific American had a hobbyist article on making a megawatt NO2 laser back in the 1970's. hard to see the output, but the author said you could see the garage door paint bleach after a couple of firings.