NIMH solar charging questions

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    Apr 6, 2009
    Morning, I bought a cheap solar panel (6V, 250mA) from radio shack to expieriment with as well as a lm317 and 25 ohm pot for limiting current. I quickly discovered (duh) that the max output for this panel never exceeds c/10 (250mA for 2500mA batteries) so the LM317 wasn't needed. My question is this, each cell is 1.2V, would putting 4 in series drop the current too much for the panel to be useful for one day charging because of the internal resistance?, and, if I put 2 in series, is the supply voltage harming the cells? should I pop in a couple of diodes to drop the voltage?

    Thanks, Mike
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    Jun 22, 2012
    You can put the batts in series and they will all charge at the same current, so that would give you 6v-4.8=1.2volts, if you charge at 200ma that would be a 6ohm resistor in series with the nicads.Or you can use the lm317 in series set it to 200ma constant current mode.
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    No need to drop the voltage. The batteries will charge as long as they can receive a surplus voltage. The only concern would be overcharging. You need a way to stop charging when the terminal voltage has been reached. This is where a voltage regulator comes in handy.
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    Apr 6, 2009
    Thanks guys, I tried dropping the voltage using the r1(220ohm) R2 (5k pot) configuration and got around 1.2V-4.7V. Problem was that the output current dropped to 40mA regardless of output voltage?? I was looking to charge a couple of D cells to power the wifes portable fan in the camper. The 12v model we use now burns up the camper batteries in about 4 nights, and these are 2 -27's in parallel! :eek: I was looking to charge a set during the day, and burn another set at night. 2 sets would allow me a day without sun and not hurt too bad.