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Hi everyone,

How can i measure the ampere rating of 220V outlet plug. Do i just put a multimeter probe to the outlet or do i have to put a load or something?

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Generally, one goes back to the breaker panel and checks the rating on the breaker assiciated with the outlet. There is also the arrangement of the contacts that will give the maximum current rating, but I'm not sure just how that goes. Perhaps something like one blade at a right angle is 20 amps, both horizontal is 30 amps, and all three blades in a Y for 50 amps. That is done to keep you from plugging in some device that will pull more current than the circuit wants to supply

The current draw for an appliance is often higher than a meter will measure directly - by placing the meter leads in series with the load. That's usually a 10 amp limit. You generally use a clamp-on current transformer, or a purpose-built meter like an Amprobe. You have to isolate one conductor to place the clamp around it to measure current. Of course, there will be no current without the load (appliance) actually plugged in and running.

It's easier in England. All the outlets are wired to the mains, and the fuse is in the appliance plug


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hi beenthere,

i won't add anything here, you have fully explained already the topic.

but what i would to say is, it's really nice to have those kinds of different configuration outlets. it safeguards the user and likewise the whole electrical system of the house. here in my country we don't have those and the outlets used here all look the same, so it's left to the user to be on the guard. :lol: :angry: