newbie need help with ford sierra 1989 ecu blown resister

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by dieselweasel, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. dieselweasel

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    Jun 1, 2012
    i there need some help i was recentley wireing sierra efi ecu in to a mk1 escort i manged to get the car running but then a wire touched the live of the battery started smokeing ecu i open the ecu up and found a burn out resister what it is i'm stuggling to identifi the colours one end is silver and the start of it looks as it is yellow the resister is dark brown the true colour of it and it black in the middle of where it burnt out. and is connected to of what i have worked out a transistor npn. i belives as the feet are lettered it connected to (e) the transister it self is mounted to the framwork of the ecu
    now this ecu has 4 lives running in to it 2 ignishion and 2 permatent and have 4 earths coming of it .these like 12v feed .personley i like choclate hob knobs lol i think the resister on the other end go to ground by the looks of it .the ecu controlls the negative side to make the injectors work on the engine the othe live side of the injectors run strait to 12v side throue a relay engine managment relay
    basicley what i.m asking is there anyway that this resister could be identified or a like for like or equivealent

    the transister or mosfet part number is 5101fgaa h8 36 274 a
    and each foot is lettered from the left (b) middle (c) right (e) any help i would apresheate please pardon my spelling if you need any info no probs
    if you need any pic i should beable to attach
    regards james

    ecu number on circuitboard 1986 eao or d eec-iv 2 0l vm
    pwb-908 cad-1-

    on caseing info eec -iv
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  2. dieselweasel

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    Jun 1, 2012

    made a small error from the left of the transister (e) (c) (b)
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