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hello all !
I work at a prototyping firm serving the consumer electronics industry. We build fully detailed models of computers and the like. Occasionally I am asked to build led switching circuits using surface mount momentary switches. In the past I have simpy purchased led flashlights and pirated the necessary parts. The last one I made used the guts of a smith @ wesson 2AA mini-light. The pc board consisted of an NPN transistor, a couple of resistors, and not much else. The components however had no visible numbers, specs, or any info I could make out. The utter simplicity and small number of components have emboldened me to try to replicate it with off the shelf parts. I have researched with various electronics companies directly but have yet to speak to a tech person who could point me in the right direction without confusing me with way to much extraneous info. I should point out here that I am a craftsman and not an EE. I spent a good bit of time today searching through archived circuit diagrams specifically looking for a flip-flop or latching type. I found nothing which would suit my needs. Now all I want to do is switch a 3 to 4.5V power source via a momentary switch from on to off. Can anyone show me a circuit which can accomplish this task ?