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Joined Dec 8, 2011
Hi All:

I didn't see an introductions page. I hope it is all right to introduce myself here.

I found this forum looking for schematics for LM317 regulator circuits. Got what I needed, and liked it so much I decided to register.

What a fantastic site. I really like the e-books! Great job! I will be having a ball exploring the site, and contributing where I can add value.


Walt Anderson
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Glad to hear you like it here. That was much the same reaction I had when I found it in 2008. We make it a point to allow all questions without hecklers, so feel free to jump right in.

This site has free picture hosting, free blog space, and allows attachments. To get full use of it it takes 10 posts due to hit and run types in the homework forum, but once you get past that it improves greatly.

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Joined Dec 8, 2011
Thanks, Bill!

I'm not much of a blogger, but then again I never tried it. I'll keep your advice in mind as I progress. Meanwhile, I'm still having way too much fun with the content that's already here.:D


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I felt the same way when I found this site in 2008-ish, but didn't register until later on when I decided I would put time in to help.

It's improved quite a bit in the past 4 years!