New to the forum, can anyone help me with a dilemma?

Discussion in 'The Projects Forum' started by Sn95stang, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Feb 2, 2013
    Hi, my names Andrew. I'm a automotive technician by trade. I am at the top if my field fully certified if I can be any assistance. I enjoy computer Programing as well. Electronics an circuit building would be new to me and I have ha quite a bit of interest over the years. The amount of electrical diagnostics and communication problems and Programing I do on cars I hope has given me a good foundation to start tinkering with electronics.

    My current problem is I have a 1995 ford mustang. I installed a remote start. I also deleted the ignition switch with 5 relays. At the moment their hooked up to a manual switch. My reason for doing so is these cars are at the top of the list for being stolen. All you do is rip the lock cylinder out and your done, turn the car on with a screwdriver and your good to go.

    This remote start has a aux output button. This would send a positive momentary 12 volt signal out on a wire. What I would like to do is convert this into a constant signal to keep my relays engaged. Also I would like the same signal to disengage the relays too. I don't want to make any assumptions here, I require expert advise. I would think though this would require a logic module and a or multiple drivers.

    I did come up with a relay system that would do just this. Problem is the slightest bump would unlatch it. Not cool when your driving down the road. Adding my 5 relays to this would be awesome but small steps I think would be best. Any help would be greatly appreciated, if your confused or want any more information let me know. Thanks in advance
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    I think this definitely falls into the realm of Automotive Modification.

    Please note that the guidelines have been removed. That is because they are superseded by the newly updated Terms of Service.

    The pertinent section - Quote:
    The following topics are considered “off-topic” at all times and will results in Your thread being closed without question:

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    So we see that all automotive modifications are not discussed here.
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    Feb 2, 2013
    My apologies, although my question is how to build an integrated circuit that takes a momentary signal and outputs a constant signal. I can leave the automotive details out. The reason for the automotive modification information was simply to describe the purpose. I'm a bit confused
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    Feb 2, 2013
    I think what I'm asking is should I have this thread closed. Start a new thread focusing on the electronics only