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I built a few stereo kits 30 years ago. Recently renewed my interest. Purchased a Pioneer rt-909 tape deck with some issues. Purchased a multimeter and been trying to learn how to trace problems.

Find that there are some blow fuses. Replaced them, but they blow again. Not sure how to go about running tests to locate the problem. I can test for continuity, but can't do voltage testing because power-on blows fuses.

You can probably tell I'm new at this; but I want to repair this deck, and I'm not in a hurry. Suggestions would be welcome.



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Identify the sections that the fuse(s) protect on your schematics. Break those sections down into thier major current paths. Seperately isolating the branches is quickest, but not always that easy, where you might consider isolating the branches major load (motor/solenoid/etc), then retry a fuse. Actuators typically respond to mechanical binding with high current draws. Power switches would be next in line. That is of course after a good visual inspection for visual clues such as heat/burns/pollutants/etc.
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