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    Mar 15, 2013

    My name is Andrew. I own a Mobile Device repair shop. My workshop has been very successful in the past and I have recently discovered the value of PCB rework.

    I purchased a Hakko FM-206 STA configuration, the Hakko FR-830 preheater and have about a years worth of soldering experience with various irons and heat.

    At this point, my skillset does not exceed anything besides being able to spot and replace physically damaged ICs. Working 9am to anywhere between 2am and 4am, 6 days a week - I don't anticipate getting the electronics education I crave for another year or three.

    I hope that gives a little insight on my backround and hopefully assist this great community in answering a couple questions I have...

    I am looking to purchase IC's such as the one pictured for different devices, as I need them. I am curious to know if there is a way to figure out what the heck I would be searching for on digi-key based on a multimeter reading or visuals.

    This FPC was damaged prior to getting the controlled temperature hot air pencil and I would like to find a replacement for it. Does anyone know what I would need to search for or how I could measure its specs aside of L/W?

    Another question I have is about solder. Is there any dead giveaways to being able to recognize lead vs lead-free solder before touching an iron to it?

    Holy smokes I have way more questions too but these were the most important thus far. I would be very very happy to find an IC vendor for mobile devices.

    Thank you for your time everyone. Take care!

    Here are direct links to the images of the FPC in question:

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