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Hey folks,
I was reading on the molecular properties of water. Did you know that a liquid h2o molecule only stays together for about 1ms before endothermic ionization occurs? During this time of self ionization water may be more vulnerable to HV pulses. I suspect that there may be a way to attenuate a vessel of water to ionize with a certain oscillating frequency (after all Meyers did call the cell the 'resonant cavity')

I thought you guys were pretty hard on Psy in the last thread, and I wish I had been there to defend him. He had some valid points -- especially that there IS a ton of energy stored in atoms, the universe is still expandind, the secret to any process is releasing it, very simple with gasoline, not so simple with water, but I think we should at least look at it with a "nothing is impossible" attitude, I mean after all we've astonished ourselves repeatedly throughout scientific history.

It seems to me one barrier to the objective perspective is fear of scammers. Well, fear not, to con you a person must take your money, and I nor most of the people doing this research want anything from anybody.
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