New project: serial FLASH writer (USB)

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    Apr 28, 2012
    This is a project I have in mind for a while.

    Basically I want to use an USB PIC microcontroller, add a small socket for serial FLASH chips, and write a Windows software to transfer files into the chip.

    Using my GAL programmer, this process is awfully slow, it takes minutes.

    Chips with bitmaps stored inside them for instance can be used for projects that include TFT displays!

    I also want to implement a small file system (just a root directory). So you don't actually need to add the C code for the full FAT system.

    My question is if anyone here would be interested in such a PCB, as kit, or ready-made. I can produce PCBs relatively inexpensively, and professionally. Of course I'd add a few dollars on top of my actual cost.

    If I can sell 10 or 15 PCBs, that would already be worth it!
    Just for myself, I don't need to produce a PCB.

    And I'd also include some C sources to be used for PICs/TFT displays. It is some hours work after all to adapt low-level routines to a particular controller.

    Such a serial FLASH writer could make it much easier to start off with your own TFT display based projects.

    I'd have to invest $200 or $300 after all, compared to building just one FLASH writer using the components I have here right now. Writing the Windows software is not difficult as such but also takes some time.

    I could even add functionality to write serial EEPROMs.

    Please write your opinion, and if you would be interested in such a FLASH writer PCB. Estimated price would be a little more than $10 or something like this.