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Looky Looky guys got new programers from Bill0 :D.
Just arrived..and Bill0 was complaining about the time taken.. I guess he dunno what we have to go thru to get a mail in the wonderful Maldives.

so ! Now what...?
I am confused . :confused:....what the heck is for an empty PCB.


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I got mines a week ago. Still waiting for the uCs I ordered to start playing.

He sent me too a couple of empty boards, one of the original PICAXE and one of the previous version of his Dev-Duino. It's just in case you want to build them. He probably doesn't need them, so instead of throwing them away, he sent them to us.


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Sorry guy's,

I've been totally slammed!!

Yes, I sent each of you a bonus board.

Rifaa, if you send me an e-mail address I can send you some documentation.

PICAXE MCUs can be found Here

Arduino Mini can be found at hundreds of places around the world. You can see what one looks like Here

If you have any questions, just ask.


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BTW, by totally slammed I mean very, very, very busy. I just realized this might not have translated world-wide. Sorry if I left a strange impression.

Just got an awesome report form Georacer!! Thank your sir!

I hope your are all doing good things and getting some time to enjoy our mutual hobby.

Rifaa and Nerdegutta, how is the harvester project going?