New product: Micro$oft(R) Dicktionary(R) 2008(R)

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It seems that Micro$oft(R) decided to bet on open source development. As so, Micro$oft(R) asked the open source community to help them to develop their new product: Micro$oft(R) Dicktionary(R) 2008(R). Of course, it is Micro$oft(R)'s policy to keep all the credits to them. But why not help them anyway?

So here are my suggestions for Dicktionary(R) 2008(R):

ActiveX - The way that malicious sites use to install adware, spyware and other malware into the computer through Internet Explorer. The good side of ActiveX is that this content no longer needs user permission to be installed.
Disk Cleanup - An excellent utility, based on the revolutionary concept that states that the hard disk is not to be used to archive files. As so, it deletes all those precious old files that you don't use often, but you might need someday.
EXPLORER.EXE - See Windows Explorer.
IEXPLORE.EXE - See Internet Explorer.
Internet Explorer - The Micro$oft(R)'s browser, often called IE. Internet Explorer is a browser that uses a new, revolutionary, patented concept. Unlike all the other browsers, it is better at exploring you computer than exploring the web. It generates a lot of garbage. Better yet, it is impossible to uninstall.
Windows Explorer - The browser used by all Micro$oft(R) Windows(R) OSes to explore the computer. Basically, it is the same program as Internet Explorer.

Be generous to Micro$oft(R)! Give your suggestions away!

P.S.: I'm thinking about posting this on Encyclopedia Dramatica.


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Not impressed eh?! :D

Is this part of the Codeplex repository or is it a fully fledged application that will become part of the MS family of software?

I would also point out that since the release of IE7 it is no longer tied to Windows Explorer like it once (quite stupidly) was. Not my browser of choice but still.