New Oscilloscope


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The UT series appear to be re-badged Uni-T (uni-trend) oscilloscopes. I imagine the others are re-badged products as well. Just like mcm has the Tenma brand, manufactured by Atten and others. I know Rigol is a pretty popular cheap brand. There is alot of info about those on eevblog. I personally have never laid hands on one of the scopes, but I noticed the similar model #s. Maybe that will help you find some reviews or something.


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make certain that any equipment purchased, has a direct link for support, to the factory that made it.
Cheap equipment, usually bears the badge......."Made in China" Avoid it like a plague.
Bite the bullet - pay the price will not regret it.

This is not racist china is a substantiated fact.


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I recently purchased a GW-Instek 1102a-u scope and have been happy with it. It's important to know that this is the first scope I've ever used so I couldn't be any further from being an expert. The reason I went with it (other than the good specs, especially sample memory) is that Instek has been around for several decades and has local support/warranty service in the United States (they're a Taiwanese company).