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    Mar 19, 2010
    First let me say I am a newbie to electronics. I wanted to build my own motor driver for a cnc router. I started a thread using a FAN73832 high/low side driver, but could never get it to work for very long. Thank you SgtWookie for all your help. I have abandon the project and move to an different one.

    This circuit has both P type and N type mosfet's. In the given circuit, the logic that turns on the high side, also turns off the low side. Since the P mosfet's take 15 us to turn on and the N mosfet's turn off in less than 1 us, there is no shoot-thru. I designed this circuit on a simulator named SIMetrix-SIMPLIS. Simulation was real close to the real board.

    I have gone to IRF5210's and IRF3710's for my mosfets. The micro-controller is the ATMEGA328P programmed with the Arduino software.

    I am by no means done with this and would welcome any suggestions for a more robust design. I have tested this board for about 5 weeks and have not been able to break it. I still need to work on the firmware to the ATMEGA.
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