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Hi all,

I’m looking for some answers to a question about drum controller switching. My professor said I put 240v across the run and start windings of a dual voltage capacitor start induction motor. My initial thoughts were, I had it right, but then he explained how I would burn out the windings if I ran it in parallel.

Can anyone show how the drum switch should hook up in the second drawing? I’m lost, according to my professor. 5 and 6 go to the coil, but I don’t know where 1 and 4 should go? I’ve posted 2 pictures, 1st one is my screw up 240 in parallel, while the 2nd one is my attempt to put 120 across the windings.

My first try at it.

How he wants it hooked up Drawing 2


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The schematics you posted are too small to make out the details/read the text.

If you could save them with twice the resolution in .PNG format, it would help considerably.