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Hello all.. im new here and this is my first post.. a little about me.. Im an expert car electric technician and mobile audio video installer.. Ive always had an interest in electronics and have a good basic understanding. Ive been trying to further my knowledge in the area and enjoy building projects for myself and teaching my 12 yr old son along the way. So please tolerate me and my newbie questions, because im going to ask a lot of them in the now to my first question.. ive been struggling trying to understand transistors lately,, Ive done a lot of reading trying to bring myself up to speed, but I just cannot wrap my head around them completely.. Im more of the type that needs things explained in basic I started a project to make leds light up in my car from the negative door lock outputs on my remote starter on my car.. so I built a transistor scr from a schematic I found on the web and it works for what I want to do.. the only thing is that it requires a positive +12v trigger to turn it on.. It turns off with negative(ground) pulse from the remote starter so turning it off works fine.. I could do what I need done with an automotive relay but I know that a transistor in my circuit could do the same thing so I wanted to build it in while its still on the breadboard before I put it to pcb... Ive attached a picture to show what ive done and what needs done to help explain..Im not completely up to speed on the terms used in electronics design so bare with me here.. thanks for helping me out..sorry for the length of this post but I wanted to include an introduction on my first post here..



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