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Hey everyone, ive been reading up on some stuff here and its pretty interesting.

regardless, ive noticed there are some very smart people here, im just wondering where you all went to college, and what degrees you hold.

Im currently a sophomore in electrical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


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People are being slow to reply because we have had a post going where members did introduce themselves. Probably wouldn't hurt to do it again

I went to Washington U., wher I majored in humanities. They were giving a war, so I figured that I had an invitation waiting.

Spent 2 1/2 years in school in the Navy learing electronics and computers. I am prettygood as a technician. Have worked in industry and 24 years at a state university repairing, designing and building research electronics. We did a lot of neat stuff - my supervisor built the first fetal heartbeat monitor, for instance.


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the last time i posted on what i was doin i was in 12 grade in india( equivalent to 4th yr high school abroad)..i think its time 2 update that..
currently i m the 1st yr of four years in electrical engg frm a coll in mumbai(india)
i m bad with techical details in electronics..1st yr doesnt teach one 1st yr we hav common subjects n we learn a lil of each subject of engg..

Erin G.

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I'm and ex-Navy ship's electrician. I spent 10 years in manufacturing, and now work at a small utility as a power plant electrician. I would love to learn more about electronics, but I don't think I can without losing my childhood memories: My brain is full :p


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Really not sure, what to say about myself, I live in the UK and I am currently in my final year of uni. Studying BEng Computer Control System Engineering. My background is Electronic and Electrical Engineering at college.


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I'm currently a sophomore in Electrical and Computer Engineering. So far I've taken only one circuits class, no electronics yet :(. I couldn't do that Diff EQ, and Microprocessors, and I wanted to get the DE out of the way and Microprocessors met at a better time.


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Im about to graduate Suma Cum with my BS in EE and I'm already on a project to desalinate water which is going to be turning into my masters thesis, so I'll be at my university for another year or so.

During my time at the university, I had the opportunity to work for a company RTP who designs and manufactures high precision data acquisition and control cards for nuclear power plants. Neat stuff. Boring job tho.

And all my sprinkler and plumbing references come from being the son of the plumber.


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I am currently a sophomore at high school and have been interested in electricity since I was about 10. I try to learn as much as I can during some spare time but would still rather play sports (baseball and basketball). I am currently in baseball season and am designing a miniature scoreboard for my room. Sorta a jack of all trades since I have lived on a farm all my life and love the outdoors. Keep the info coming :)


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Originally posted by beenthere@Apr 3 2005, 01:25 AM
People are being slow to reply because we have had a post going where members did introduce themselves. Probably wouldn't hurt to do it again
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You must be refering to the "Who are You?" thread created by Battousai about 18 months ago. Agreed it wouldn't hurt anyone to create a new one since many people probably have moved on since thta last thread.

Not me mind you!! I'm still slugging it out at the University of Manchester, not long to go now!


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I'm new to this site but I definately like what I see! I'm an EET major at Farmingdale State University and plan on going to grad school to get my M.S.E.E. I'm a sophmore doing trimester work and my interests are primarily wireless communication. Actually, make that anything analog.


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hi, I'm component engineer:

currently very busy with resistors types and data sheet..

anyone who can give me tips/approach in my work.
since very new, I would badlly need help for the task.

thanks in advance.


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Just finished my first EE degree....not an expert though even after five years in uni....really wish I had the chance to study in the UK where I believe the quality is a lot better than what I got here in Malaysia! :(


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Originally posted by 9M-MBA@Jul 6 2005, 12:25 PM
Just finished my first EE degree....not an expert though even after five years in uni....really wish I had the chance to study in the UK where I believe the quality is a lot better than what I got here in Malaysia! :(
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a degree will always be a degree, but what matters most is how you apply what you have known from school and from the field of interest. frustration & exhiliration experience will be your greatest teacher provided you use it. :p


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Originally posted by mozikluv@Jul 7 2005, 10:12 AM

a degree will always be a degree, but what matters most is how you apply what you have known from school and from the field of interest. frustration & exhiliration experience will be your greatest teacher provided you use it. :p
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heh, you can say that again! :p problem is too much stress is put on passing exams here, resulting in most students becoming nothing but formula-and-theory regurgitating parrots! :(
Im new here..or was.

At the time of joining,I was in high school taking electronics as my course(its a tech school). Now I have graduated and I am going to the local community college for prep courses and my associates in electronics.

I also have another intrest, Modding, case modding that is. Case modding is where you take a plain old ordinary case, and turn it into something beautiful.

I also overclock things....'nuff said there. I currently hold the record at the school I used to go to of 2.4Ghz on a 1800 Ahtlon XP (1.5Ghz).


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Interesting site - but I noticed that many (in this thread) are yet early in their careers. Hope it all goes well for all of you.
Personally, I graduated from Univ. of Melbourne (Australia) back in '86. It's been an odd journey since then. Seen a lot of changes in a very short time.
Cheers to all.
Hi I am a first year student doing Electrical Engineering at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa).
I am interested in engineering design in either the telecoms or computer fields.

I have been visiting this site on a regular basis and must say it's help me alot. I am complete novice in electronics but I am pretty good in the theory!

I am keen to apply my knowledge on a more practical level and I know I can rely on this site and it's members to assist if I run into trouble.

Thanks to the adminstrators and members of this site to what you've already contributed to my high-tech degree.


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I'm a computer jock. 25-years in the business. Mostly 3D animation, movie special effects, some car design and dynamics simulation. I'm just starting to learn about electronics because I want to up my game in what I really like to do: Build rockets.

The folks on this site have been exremely helpful. I got my very first circuit working thanks to the help here.


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Hi all,

Stumbled in here while researching some parts –
Long history – longish read!

- Stuck finger in light socket at ~ age 10.
- Built first crystal set at 12 from kit – winding tuning coil, etc.
- Collected old radios from shops from 12-14 to repair.
- Discovered affinity for opposite sex, retired from electrons until 17. Light sockets and crystal sets are no competition!
- Joined Army (US) at 17 on suggestion from judge, qualified for Nike Ajax Fire Control Radar school.
- Got pneumonia in basic training, lost seat in school, stayed po’ed for 3 years, passed on offered OCS placement.
- Joined Air Force, attended Ground Controlled Approach radar school, passed on offered instructorship (no future; gray-haired, low ranking instructors).
- Spent 4 years in France, taking discharge overseas due to having acquired first German wife (one of my more stupid mistakes in life, that one.)
- Lied my way into IBM in Germany in 1967 and spent 7 years in Electronics Analysis Lab near Mainz. I had fattened my resume a little and spent lots of time learning what I already claimed to know and finally was assigned to train young engineers who came to us in the late sixties-early seventies with great knowledge of vacuum tube circuitry but thought ‘semi’ conductance might be a defect.
Was part of a team that was involved in the testing and debugging of the Winchester Drive; the first hard drive with fixed disks – named so because it was two 30 MB drives in one case – huge, huh?
We also did extensive testing on metallic thin film on glass and aluminum commonly used today.
- Corrected mentioned bad mistake (by divorce) and returned to US in 1974.
- Found US in the first oil crisis depression and few jobs, hired on with crummy company in California, leaving 89 days later when better chance came along. Brought over 2nd German wife-to-be anyhow, didn’t want to starve alone. This one was a keeper.
- Left ‘better chance’ seven months later when I realized the general manager didn’t have the vaguest idea of his job and knew the company was doomed – it died too.
Or of personnel matters either; he was shocked when I pitched it in and told him why.
- Decided to try sales; free car, 30% better base pay + expenses, commissions etc. Boosted area sales by 500% over 17 months and then was fired for being ‘too customer oriented.’ Actually, it was because I drank coffee instead of getting smashed with national sales mangler – uuh, manager. He’s dead – liver failure.
- Went into sales for a calibration lab (Harlan Labs-San Diego), cum test equipment sales and rental company, in 1977.
- Bought company in 1981, keeping it for 9 years before local military market started to fail, improving traceability, sales and rental inventory.
During this time, I continued training and improving the proficiency of our technicians as well as took on problems on which others had dead-ended.
- I retired in 1990 and then retired from retirement in 1991, opening a service shop (TEKcellence) in our community doing commercial PC board, computer, office equipment repair. The shop did better than break-even the first and last month and did quite well in the interim.
Closed shop in fall of 1999 after the cost of replacement on most items, then (as now) being built in China, fell below the cost of parts and (fairly low) labor costs.
- Sold out and escaped from California in 2003 to hide out from a decaying country in the (very) rural hills of central West Virginia on 120 acres of forest.

Still do keep a hand in but the kind of stuff I deal with has changed; today it is a failed fence charger that has eaten a diode and SCR. Also do computer hardware repairs for friends and neighbors and delouse their unprotected systems, giving them back with a couple hours of instructions on how NOT to get it so screwed up again.

I also try to annoy people into taking a look at the US Libertarian Party (links below) to attempt to scare a few of my countrymen into realizing that we are swiftly headed for an all-pervasive, all-powerful authoritarian federal government if citizens do not wake up.
Any non-US readers might want to look into the libertarian movement in your own countries to see if the philosophy might happen to agree with your own.
It’s hard to argue with freedom.

Over the 43 years in electronics, there are few areas I have not covered so I may be of some assistance to some of you tinkerers or young engineers.
As is sometimes said, I have covered D.C. to light.

Steve Allison


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I am a first year Ph.D student in Neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Tx, USA. Dabbling into electronics a little bit to understand the electrical properties of neurons in the brain. Some of the topics in this website are really well written.