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    Mar 13, 2013
    Hi all,
    Im trying to come up with a way to control a cubby hole door in my car.
    Heres one someone else did
    Im completely new to electronics and will be quite honest in saying i don't know anything ;)
    The cubby lid already has a press button to operate it and it also has a micro switch that flicks over when it hits top and bottom.
    my idea is that when i press the button depending on which side the micro switch is it will send a signal to a delay relay which then send power to the motor for a set amount of time, then when the door shuts it will knock the micro switch over so that next time i press the button the signal will go to a second delay relay, which then opens the door by sending reversed polarity to make it operate the opposite way.

    any help would be fantastic :D
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Haven't you posted this somewhere else?

    The best way for a DC motor driving a two-direction door or gate is to have 2 limit switches, which cut the power to the motor when it reaches the end of travel, and a reversing relay or switch to make it move.

    That is a better system than your suggestion of using timed delay relays.

    Also we need to know the size of your motor and how much weight it is moving etc. ie; is it a small cubby just to hold your crack pipe, or a large cubby to hold a couple of kilos of Mexican coke? ;)
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