new guy lm339n and mc14017bcp

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    Dec 1, 2013
    i am not sure how to ask so i well just say what i am trying to do

    i have a vip smart wheel in my RV that has buttons on it for doing inputs

    its is a 4 wire system only but 2 of the wires are used for 12v lighting

    the last 2 are for power and sending the input info back to a small ECM that is mostly just relays to make lights and every thing work i do not have this ECM and the cost is high so i wanted to make my own

    i am trying to wire in to this system to make it talk to a arduino with a relay bored

    the bored that i am trying to get info on is for sending out info and only has a lm339n and mc14017bcp chip i have looked at the PDFs for them and its is becoming hard for me to under stand how they are making the system talk in the incoming power wires /2 it looks like the info is being sent out on the ground

    i see on Google that this setup is used a lot in LEDs and timing/clocking but how can i see/ use this ?? info to talk to a arduino what info is it really

    part number for the bored is 4.907.22 i can not find any diagrams for this but i am sure some one has made a bored like this befor in some way as there is not much to it

    is see alot of info in this site for a mc14017bcp so thats why i posted here

    thanks for any help
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    You should have read the Terms of Service here. Sorry to say, automotive modifications of any kind are not an allowed topic.
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    Dec 1, 2013
    sorry i did not see that

    some of the system i am trying to make has nothing to do with driving so when its time to make them i can ask for help on them

    my RV had a small fire inside so ... got it that way... so i have alot to do in getting all the systems back up and running again

    i just wanted to under stand this one bored but i know a way around it if need be

    thanks for your taking the time to post and letting me know that